Skilled Nursing Services

Our facility boasts an outstanding short-term rehabilitation unit with a new state-of-the-art rehab suite staffed with full-time therapists. Our skilled therapists help each individual achieve his or her highest level of functioning and reenter the community as quickly as possible. We specialize in rehabilitative care for severely obese patients, helping bariatric patients recover and lose weight through exercise, therapy and nutrition programs.


Intravenous Therapy

We offer on-site intravenous antibiotic and hydration. This allows the short-term rehab and sub acute patient to leave the hospital earlier and receive any necessary remaining IV therapy at Woodcrest. Also, since we administer IV therapy on-site, patients experience fewer hospital stays.
Overall, our patients experience better continuity of care, and enhanced quality of life.

Comatose Care/ Traumatic Brain Injury

We care for patients with traumatic brain injuries, as well as those in a comatose or semi-comatose state. Consultations by a neurologist as well as other medical specialists are provided.

Hemodialysis Center

Hemodialysis can be provided at our nearby dialysis center a few short footsteps away by arrangement. Our facility coordinates the patient’s care with the dialysis center and monitors all aspects of his or her progress, with special emphasis on nutrition. We are contracted with several major dialysis centers.

Respite Program

We recognize the stress that comes with the responsibility of caring for a loved one. Our short-term Respite program can provide caregivers with much needed relief, and the knowledge that their loved one is in a warm, caring environment.

A short-term respite stay with us is a welcome option when planned or unforeseen circumstances require caregivers to seek temporary senior care. A respite stay can offer family members the extra security of skilled nursing assistance during an illness or rehabilitation following a hospital visit. It may even be helpful before, during, or after an emergency affecting the senior’s home environment, such as an extreme weather event.

Our dedicated, well-trained staff is available 24-hours a day and can provide personal assistance with daily needs such as bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene. Our staff can also assist with eating, mobility, and medication management. Respite program guests and their families can feel confident knowing that, should the need arise, participants can move seamlessly into emergency care.

Respite stay guests are invited to experience many of the services and amenities available to our residents. Guests can interact with others having similar experiences, participate in activities designed to match personal abilities and needs, and spend time in a safe, supportive environment.

Long Term Care

Our goal is to promote each patient’s health and capabilities to the highest possible levels, in an environment which emphasizes his or her individual dignity.
A multi-disciplinary team composed of doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers, rehabilitation therapists, and recreation specialists, coordinates a Comprehensive Care Plan, to assure that the patient’s medical, social, and emotional needs are met.

Wound Care Program

Our specialized wound care program has an enviable record in infection-prevention, healing of decubiti, and promotion of skin integrity with even the most compromised patients. We address all needs of patients with severe decubiti and other lesions, as well as for post-surgical patients.

An individualized program that focuses on medical, nursing, nutritional, and pain management needs is developed on admission; and our experienced staff uses specialized supplies, treatments, and state-of-the-art equipment to help heal and comfort the patient.

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN), Partial Parenteral Nutrition (PPN), and gastronomic tube feeding are provided under the direct supervision of nutritionists, pharmacists and Certified MD- Gastroenterologist

Managing patients with Tracheostomy dependency

Our tracheostomy care is provided under the supervision of a certified MD-Pulmonologist. Our state-of-the-art equipment can easily monitor blood gases and measure lung function and tolerance.

Comfort Care

Hospice care at Woodcrest Rehab enables clients to deal with advanced illness, to accept the prospect of death, and to prepare the family for life without a loved one. Our hospice program provides symptom control and relief from pain as well as emotional and spiritual support. Specifically, Hospice complements the facility by providing:

  • Pain and symptom managemen
  • grooming and positioning
  • relief from loneliness, isolation, and depression
  • spiritual care through visitation
  • support to given family members
  • and assistance with financial issues.

Working with the rest of our staff, our Hospice team of physicians, nurses and social workers, and pastoral caregivers work to provide for the needs of the patient, as well as to eliminate the stress of the family.

Hospice nurses are on call 24 hours a day to:

  • Coordinate the plan of care
  • explain the disease progression
  • answer questions and offer essential emotional support
  • assess changes in resident’s condition,
  • and consult the physicians to ensure good pain and symptom control.

Our hospice care program allows our patients to spend their final days in a comfortable environment – surrounded by the ones they love the most. This approach to end-of-life care gives families the ability to more fully focus on their loved one. Our hospice team develops a care plan tailored to each patient’s individual need for pain management and symptom relief. They also provide all the necessary medications, therapies, medical supplies, and equipment to best meet the patient’s needs.

We are contracted with most hospice care agencies.


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