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It’s not easy to rave about long term care at a nursing home, but I was extremely fortunate to get my father accepted at Woodcrest and I am so grateful to the entire facility for its efficacious transfer and his care. My father is ‘blossoming’ with attention, physical therapy, good food, and activities after two years of semi neglect at another nursing home. Thank you to every staffer at Woodcrest.

Isabelle Kellogg

I admitted my mom here for rehab after a fall in her home ( her heart was beating so fast it caused her to faint and fall on the kitchen floor). She had to have emergency surgery for a hip replacement. Unfortunately, my mother also has dementia and this complicates where she will recover. I knew I had to have her in a facility that is able to meet her needs, cognitively as well as physically. I chose Woodcrest for that reason. This facility has been taking excellent care of her. I am able to visit often. She is on the the 3rd floor, and I find the aides are very caring and attentive. My mom is very confused and the primary aide assigned to her, Margaret, has been wonderful in the kind and patient way she treats all patients including my mother. I can relax knowing that Margaret is taking care of my mother’s physical needs, when my mother can not make her needs known. Boris, housekeeping/ maintenance and all around good guy keeps the 3rd floor spotless. He is always there, working tirelessly to clean for the patients, and is so pleasant to speak with. Recreation staff, Maria and Peaches, always invite my mom to participate in an activity, but sadly my mom is not interested due to her dementia. I thank them for not giving up! I am grateful to the safe, clean and caring environment I have found for my mother at Woodcrest Rehab. As I move us on to our next chapter, I will alway keep Woodcrest in mind, should my mother need rehab again. I feel that she went to the right place for her needs.

Monica Weiss

I have found this facility to be clean, pleasant and well-run. The staff is attentive to patients’ physical and psychological needs, as well, of course to their medical needs. The food is good.

A nursing home is no one’s first choice of a place to be, but if circumstances require one for you or a relative, this is a fine choice.

Will K.

Thank you for allowing mom and I to participate in the activities at Woodcrest. We had a lot of fun and the activities brought a smile to her face. Maria, Recreation Director, has a wonderful, bright and outgoing personality. She engages residents in music and dance, pizza parties, desserts and everything that can brighten a person’s day. The recreation team is the best in New York City!!! Thank you and keep up the great work.

Rosanna Smith